Love Read or Dream tv!?

Have you watched every season?

Show your appreciation with our fantastic range of t shirts, straight from the screen printers!

Printed on the finest quality luxury cotton, to keep their shape, fit and style for years to come! We have 2 womens designs, and 1 mens available for now, all at $29.99 each!

We are really happy with how these came out, a screen printing company over in New Zealand who are huge fans of the show contacted us to print them in limited numbers, so we currently have 50 of each available!

First come first served (And perhaps we will do some more colourways down the line!)

rod tv ladies tee option1

Now available only $29.99
(Also in white)

ladies2 mens1

Or perhaps you want to buy the blueray version to keep watching at home!?
Why buy blueray and not just the standard…its all about the image quality guys! Voted as one of the best anime shows off all time-why would you not want to buy this in the very best quality you can!?

“From bulletproof dragons to lock-picks, a paper master manipulates paper to their will. In Hong Kong, three young paper masters, Anita, Maggie and Michelle, use their formidable skills to protect Nenene, an author targeted by a mad bomber. As their bodyguard duties take them to Tokyo, they will be educated on the dangers of literacy! Box Set contains all seven volumes in series.”

Taken from the sales page

Buy the blueray box set!

Blue Ray box set available-only $409.99

Why stop there, when you can grab the collectors edition also! ;)

ROD THE TV Collectors edition

Exclusive box set!

If you love rodtv as much as we do, then wear your gear with pride (Or perhaps buy it for loved ones to get them hooked on the show also!)

Also, why not buy the soundtrack!?


1. R.O.D.-Opening Version_
2. R.O.D. Theme-You Must be Kidding
3. R.O.D. Theme – Public Pressure Version
4. Health And Peace
5. Death In The Country
6. Read Or Die Suite: Untouched By Humans/Something Is Coming To The Town/Intellectual War
7. A Feeling Is Already War
8. Time Of Blue
9. Does A Sleeping Book Have Dreams Of Being Republished?
10. The Adventure Of A Bookshelf Inspector
11. They Occasionally Come Home
12. A Shadow Goes
13. R.O.D. Theme – I Love Hong Kong Version
14. Let My Tears Stream
15. A Buddy
16. R.O.D. – Theme – After All I Love Books Version
17. R.O.D.

Other than the t-shirts, all products are supplied by 3rd party manufacturers, and as such is not liable for delivery, quality or returns.


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